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How the un-fit ‘fit’: the Super Villain

You know in comics how there is always a super hero and a super villain? Isn’t it strange how in the battle to become your better self, you play both roles?
I’m practicing being a ‘fit’ person. I’ve convinced myself that to actually be more fit, i have to first act more fit, because lets face it, if I was acting as a fit person already I would not be who (an middle aged lady that has difficulty with some basic everyday movements) and what (50lbs overweight) I am right now.
What does it mean to act fit? This means habits or behaviors that mimic that of a fit person. So I’ve committed to making it to the gym 3 or more times / week (my super hero self). Last week, this meant I had to put in two workouts on Saturday. And also start eating healthier. Now, don’t let me fool you. Habits and behaviors won’t change without a fight. For example, when I started going to the gym and hitting my goal each week, my reward was a donut! Yes a donut (my super villain self)! I am a food lover. And I know I am not going to be fit all at once. So that is what it took to convince myself to show up at first. No longer do I need that donut to show up.
Everyone’s journey is going to be different. YOU need to do what works for YOU! If you need a donut to start showing up, then eat that donut! But first show up… and then keep showing up!
Chose your habits wisely, and give yourself allowance and forgive yourself the small indiscretions it may take to achieve it. Those should be short lived in the grand scheme of things.
Find the things it takes for your super hero self to control more of your time than your super villain self does.

How the un-fit ‘fit’: breaking through

I’ve had countless starts and stops.  I’m talking weight loss.  My journey has been a multi-year, fists to cuffs, drag you down knock you out kind of fight.  Ok let’s be honest, it’s been a war.  Some battles lost and some won, but in the end I now seem to be on the right path.

I’m a good 50lbs overweight, and I’m a CrossFit gym owner.  For the past year, I’ve almost been embarrassed to admit this.  I’ve been ashamed that I don’t look fit enough to claim part ownership in such a fitness rich community.  But what that ver y same community has helped me realize… It’s that we all have a starting point.  We all have our battle bruises when it comes to life.  Many of those battles guide us down a less fit path.  The community I am now a part of has provided the needed support for me to get back on my feet.  Everyone asks where I have been,  how I have been doing, and cheers me on no matter how painful the movement.  Why?  Because they want me to succeed.  They want me to hit my goals, and for that I am grateful.

This journey is painful.  It’s emotionally and mentally painful.  Every day I still fight all the negative talk that wants to keep me from the gym or eating healthy.  It’s physically painful to get back in shape.  A former D1 athlete, I am astonished at how much I can no longer do.  That’s a tough pill to swallow.  But each day I show up, I improve.  I make motion towards my goals, and my image of me has started to change.  I’m proud of my box jump now 24″.  That I can hit a few double under, that I can do a push up not on my knees.  These are small wins, but all wins that will help me get back to being the fit me and the ‘fit’ mom I want to be as an example to my daughter.

Join me in 2016!  I’m here to listen, to share, to encourage you to also reach your tipping point on your fitness goals!

How the un-fit ‘fit’ : Introduction

For the past year I have been a CrossFit gym owner.  Part of an amazing ownership team, and part of an even more amazing community at CrossFit Westerville in Westerville, OH.  This past week, I reached a breaking point and opened up on Facebook.   Because not only am I a CrossFit gym owner, I am a mother, a business professional, and 50lbs overweight.   The last fact something that I have battled for the past 7 years and counting.   I’ll re-post my breaking point post in a coming release  but here I would like to introduce my new blog:  How the un-fit ‘fit’.

Please note, this could be relevant to any fitness activity.  It’s simply that CrossFit is my current experience, and one I can directly speak to.

There is a lot of talk in the CrossFit community, and across social media sites about who CrossFit is for.   Some say it’s for everyone.  There are parts of  this I agree with.   But I would like to get more specific.  If you are tired of trying. If you are looking for a challenge. If you need a support system.  If you don’t want to be the expert in how to move or what workout to do today.   If you are fit.  If you are un-fit.  If you have participated in athletics prior.  If you have never participated in athletics prior.  If you want to lose weight. If you want to gain weight.  If you want to be a better self, be more confident.  If you want to feel good about you.  Then CrossFit is for you!

I’m going to leave the functional fitness and all other fitness benefits to the experts.  That’s not why I am writing this.  I am here to breakthrough the emotional barriers you and I and so many others create, which prevent us from trying it at all.   There are intangible benefits you will get from giving CrossFit a chance.  CrossFit is community built, community strong, community driven workout team.  Meaning side by side someone is there to help you, to cheer you on,  to get you through.  CrossFit, if you allow it to will help you feel more confident because quickly you will accomplish things you  currently thinking are not possible.   One personal example is doing a full push up again.  I’ve had back surgery.  I’m overweight.   And I’ve allowed this to hold me back from trying for so long.   So I set my first goal to simply show up.  Because I showed up consistently,  I now am a better version of myself and can occasionally pump out a few push ups not on my knees.

When I first committed to showing up.  Everyone supported this.  The coaches modified workouts length, movement, and time to make it work for me.  Because showing up is what I needed at first.  And that is all I needed.  Now I feel the need to push beyond what I think I can do and do more.  Point is,  no one was there shaming me to do more before I was ready.   Friends, other members I didn’t even know cheered.  And their cheers were focused on me doing and giving only my best on that given day.

Not all gyms or experiences are created equal.  We will dive more in to this in a future post.  But for now,  know that every gym has created its own culture. Sometimes this is even true for each class.   Gyms that have a mission statement and a focus for their members will provide some insight as to what that location is focused on.  You will have to find the one that works for you!  This may take time.  This may require visiting several different locations.   At the end of it all,  remember the journey you are about to commit to is ABOUT YOU!  So evaluating and selecting the things you are surrounded with is a very important component of the journey.  One that will directly impact the outcome of your journey.

There is a lot more to come…  but I hope you will enjoy this blog and follow me on my 2016 journey.   And discover how the un-fit ‘fit’!