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How the un-fit ‘fit’ : something to offer

The most powerful thing any individual can obtain,  is the realization “I HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER”.   And trust me YOU DO!

It’s something I understood when I was much younger, but then lost along the way.  Just recently I had the revelation that I do have something to offer.   Something good, something powerful, something meaningful.   When we are young,  we are told ‘you can be anything.’   When we are young,  the world is a blank canvas where we explore our passions, we learn those things we like and don’t like.   We allow emotion to be the driver in things we pursue in life.   Some kids enjoy reading books and exploring the world with words.   Others like movement, and explore by being active.  In all of this,  we inherently leave positive in the world.  Why?   Because we are happy,  because we are being our true selves.   Because we are contributing to life in a way that leaves the best of us in this world.

Along the way,  there are so many things that steer us away from this path. Some don’t get lost, others get partially lost,  and many (like me) get very lost.   Not that my life has not been of value,  but it certainly has not been my best possible self.   I am happy to report I am finding me again.   A me,  that is more true, more real, more purposeful in my intentions to leave good in all I do.

This does not mean we have to like everything.   But still we leave our best person in the aftermath of every moment possible during the day.

How did I get there?  And how will you get there, if you need/ want to?  Each person is going to have their own journey. Each individual will find their own path.  So here is my advice.  Try!   Find something, and try!   Allow it to work,  but more importantly allow it to not work and move on to a new solution.    And keep trying.   Ask friends, talk to family, read blogs, books, articles.   Look for things that inspire you!   And get real about your journey.   Short term fixes, remember are just short term fixes.  We are looking for life long habit changes that make us a better us.

The most powerful thing we can do, is realize we have something to offer,  and trust me YOU DO!   Being your best self leaves a positive imprint on life,  you will likely never be aware of.  Good spreads more good!   As things in your life become more positive, one day you will look up and realize all the good that surrounds you,  and you will take a deep breath and feel relieved that your journey is working.

Be your best you in 2016!

How the un-fit ‘fit’: The Mental Fight

This morning was the first time, I did not need to convince myself to go to the gym.   I woke up, and it was now a part of my routine.   As routine as me drinking my morning cup of coffee each day.  And it felt good!

This is a huge win for me personally.  I’m not sure if this will happen every day going forward.   One of my biggest fights,  has been all the self negative talk that goes on.   It’s like there is this whole other person inside my head that does not want me to succeed.   And that person, that talk, that whatever it is is nasty and mean.

On a regular basis when faced with life in general.  I fight this talk in my head that ultimately gives me a bad attitude, steers me towards a bad decision, or takes me off my path all together.   Maybe I am the only one with this in my head.  If thats the case,  please don’t confirm I am crazy.

It happens with everything, not just working out.  It happens at work.  I think that I’m not good enough to be in the room.  That I am not smart enough to speak up.   For working out,  I think well I don’t look like that, so I don’t belong here.  I should hide my workout over in the corner somewhere.

What it comes down to, is facing our fear.   I’m afraid I am not good enough, or that I don’t belong.  And for a long time this has kept me away from being my best self.   This has held me back from progress.  This has prevented me from trying at all.   I’ve given up time and time again, before I even reached the start line.   Is this something you struggle with too?

From my earlier post,  it’s in part habit.  Commit to changing just one habit.   And stop at nothing to get that habit to change.   This morning and today, I feel like a whole new person.  Not having to have that fight to get to the gym.   It’s amazing.   It’s amazing, because it’s something I want, it supports what I want to be.  Knowing it is fear that is talking to me,  is something I know I can face a little bit at a time.

What are my fears?   Well there are a lot.  Having competed at a fairly hight level is sports,  I fear I will never be the same level of athlete.   Well that’s true.   I am older, my bones are no longer soft to absorb the stress several movements place on a body.  So rather than strive to being the same,  I have committed to re-defining myself as an athlete.    I fear I am not enough, nor will I ever be.  This applies to so many things.  But I already am.  I have an awesome partner and beautiful daughter.  And if I changed nothing,  they would love me still.   But I want a better me, for me and for them.   Being enough is defined by you and only by you for you!   Strive to be your best you and the version of you you want to be.

Take a moment to relax and look around you, and the good that surrounds you.    Start making lists of those things that are good, that make you feel good.   Make lists of those things you are striving for.  Finally start making lists of those things you are willing to give up,  to make those things you are striving for actually happen!

You can do this!  We can do this!  2016 is the year of progress, and we are going to move forward!

How the un-fit ‘fit’: a new adventure

It’s new, its all new!  In actively choosing to improve my life, it means so many things in my life will be new.  There are so many new and awesome things we set our goals around.  Like buying a new wardrobe, or sporting our new body on a planned beach vacation.   For some its fitting in to a new pair of jeans, or scheduling a make-over with new hair style.   For some it’s sporting that new swimsuit.  For others its an adventure trip, or simply doing an activity that previously felt not possible.

We often look forward to a hitting a weight loss goal, and set our eyes on the prize of getting a new wardrobe to match.   What we rarely talk about is the first closet that needs cleaned out, and thats the pantry.  Before we can clean out our clothes closet and replace it with new gear… we commit to workouts and have to take a serious look at our food consumption.  Why, because our current lifestyle is not getting us to where we want to be.  So the NEW we want,  comes with a NEW we must do to get there.  It’s habits, its how we eat, how we think, what we do, how we act.

No one is perfect.  Just this week,  i had a donut!   It was yummy!  And I enjoyed it!  There is no need to torture yourself,  but certainly start making weekly changes that will get you there.  The smallest things, whatever that is for you!   Sometimes its food, sometimes its fun, sometimes its work.  But it will all come together if you just keep chipping away at it.

My first blog release spoke about how this has been a multi-year journey.  I’ve spent the past 7 years sticking with the mindset of “trying to make it work”.  That is a long time.  And I am only a portion of the way to where I want to be.  Everyone will be different.  And many of you,  will likely be less stubborn than I in realizing what it takes to make it happen.   I was a little difficult to deal with when it came to changing what I do.

Recently, I realized I need to modify just about everything I know in life. My friends remain the same, but how I operate on a daily basis has not, and can not remain the same.   Fitness is a lifestyle change.  It’s not a short term diet, its not a short stint with a personal trainer.   These things may help you along the way,  but if you don’t come out with new habits that change your day to day and you plan on returning to your old self.  Save your money.

Be mad, be really mad, and thats ok. Change is a must, and it’s starts with purging our current closets.  Emotional closet, food closet, mental closet, but most importantly our habit closet.  To change, my habits must change.