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How the un-fit ‘fit’: why

Why me?  Why this?  Why now? Why, why, why…

As we sit back and reflect on this journey to be better.   It’s very natural to question why and what and how. Sometimes I find this line of questioning leads me down a negative train of thought.   Any time I start negative thought,  it has become a goal to stop it.   This is a habit I have committed to changing.   It’s a small one,  but a very difficult one.

Why am I the only un-fit person here… (although I am not, often it feels like that).  Is a negative thought one I need to stop.  One I need to replace with… “I am in a group of people who are ALL trying to get better.  We are all here for the same reason.  I am one of them.”  You see it doesn’t matter if you are super fit or just getting started or somewhere in the middle of your journey.   The purpose with which every one walks through the door is simply to ‘be better, stronger, skinnier, more  toned than they were  before’.  That’s it,  there is no more magic to it.   And by committing to showing up,  you are one of those people who are on a journey to be your better self.

Why now, why this?  Finding something that motivates you is key.  Working within your army to be surrounded and work towards common goals.  It’s very much trial and error when it comes to improvements.   There are about 100 ways to learn just about everything on this earth.  But there is only 1 of those 100 that is likely to resonate with you.  So it doesn’t matter if you’ve tried before and it didn’t work.  Now you have just 99 more ways to try 🙂    This is a lighthearted spin, and me telling you YOU ARE WORTH IT, KEEP TRYING!    I can say this now, because it has taken a very very long time for me to convince myself this was true.   Which is amazing, because I have a lot of very positive people around me telling me I was worth it,  it was simply something I never believed.    So why now for me?   Because I want it.   Why this? Because it’s all very real.   CrossFit is something real for me.  Something that has motivated me, and keeps me going.  Nutrition is something, I have now unlocked the secret to for me personally. And I have been able to witness the energy difference, the how it makes me feel.   I now know and believe it’s possible for me to live with energy and excitement, and strength.  And all of those things make me feel beautiful and happy.

We can consume ourselves with “why”.   So long as these lead to breakthroughs for you get on the positive train… answer them.   Or commit to changing the questioning and line of thinking.   Like any habit, it takes practice and time to change.   But you can do it!

How the un-fit ‘fit’: me & my army

Your journey through life, like mine, is bound to be filled with ups and downs.   Like previously mentioned fitness is a combination of physical, mental, emotional, and nutritional health.   All playing a vital role in measuring success, or making us capable of achieving success.

Today, I’m spending some time reflecting on my life and quickly realized there is an army of people out there who are supporting my journey.   And that without that army, my successes would not be possible.    The key here is surrounding yourself with the right army members at the right time.

How to qualify a good member of your team?  Knowing my goal is weight loss,  I need a friend who is willing to split dessert or provide assist in polishing off a pint of ice-cream,  then ask me to get in workouts three times that week.   I need a friend who is willing to have my daughter along for the ride during a workout,  even if it means our pace is a blazing 15min/mile due to her wanting to participate in the journey.   I need a friend who does not shame me, but makes me work for my cheats. Or sometimes just cheats with me, and thats it.   We move on to the next day. Find the people you may know or not know who are on a similar path,  or who are rooting you on and support what you are after.

When I’m down… someone in my army finds a way to make me laugh or smile.   Who lifts me ups, and pushes me to keep going.   They sit and talk.  They show concern and listen.   They help me through until I can find the energy to do it on my own.  Sometimes its a friendly text,  a reminder that the sun is shining, or that they missed me.

When I’m hurt, I see who I need to, including several health professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Chiropractic, massage, physicians, physical therapy… depending on the need.  Over time, I have found medical professionals I trust, who know me and what I am working to achieve.

I encourage you to be a member of someones army and also to allow others to be in yours.   This like everything else in our journey is a balance.   We must give and we must be willing to receive.

My army is full of people including medical professionals plus workout buddies, CFW community members (CrossFit Westerville), and complete strangers.  What I know is that being genuine in my relationships with others and allowing them to be genuine in return, has been core to all of it.   You don’t have to be best friends to have a genuine interaction with someone.

One of my most favorite things about being a part of a crossfit community,  has been to witness raw genuine humans being human.   This is not the TV version of CrossFit I’m talking about.    It’s when you are in a workout, and you turn around and see a group of people cheering on the person who is just about to hit their first muscle up, or handstand, or push-up, or pull-up, or double under, or box jump, or max out a lift they’ve been working now for months.   It evokes an emotional response that brings me to tears each and every time.   It’s the person who just hit a 25lb, 50lb, or 100lb weight loss goal and is now executing movements they never thought possible.   Much like watching a child hit one of their “first” in milestones.   Seeing someone succeed in doing something is a new “first” for them.   They could be 12yrs old,  or 60yrs old.   They could be the most un-fit or most fit person in the gym.   It’s amazing how we get behind each other, rally,  and cheer them over the finish line.   We are in their army,  when we know that person and when we do not.   And that army will be there for you,  when you need them.

Show up, do the work, be open about your journey, your goals, and find the places and people who are positive in supporting that journey.  Go there and be with those people!  Be one of those people for someone else!