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How the un-fit ‘fit’: challenges/scaling

How is your journey going?  Are you hitting your goals?  Are your goals fighting against you, without giving in?   One of my workout buddies this week tossed out a challenge.   After making the comment,  I fail to finish things,  the challenge was tossed out there to become a ‘finisher’.

This, not being a finisher thing, is something new for me.  It use to be, I didn’t know when to stop.  Have I lost all my competitiveness?  Have I not found something to inspire me?  What is going on, that makes me stop just when I get started?

Really there are more questions than answers. But for this session, I’m going to discuss the application of scaling.  You see each athlete is very different.  And what your body allows you to make it through, will differ from day to day, week to week, movement to movement.  You’ve got to listen to your body while finding that delicate balance of pushing yourself to hit goals you could not previously reach.  When getting started and for the length of your journey you must set your finish line for each task you take on.

Last week one of our prescribed workouts included thrusters.   A lots of thrusters for someone like me.   So much that I failed to return to the gym for an entire week because I was so sore.  This in large part because I pushed myself to finish what was on the board, not simply finish what I knew my body was capable of.  Now that should never be the outcome of exercise, not returning to the gym for long period of time.  When getting started returning to the gym on a very regular basis is key.  So scaling to allow that to happen is key.

Scaling can come in multiple ways.  It’s important to speak with your coach to work through what’s right for you.  This week we again had thrusters in the workout.  It was suppose to be 10 rounds of work.  Knowing what I had previously gone through,  I calculated the reps and decided it would be best for me to do only 5 rounds of work.   I got in a great workout.   And with continued progress I will make it to 10 rounds,  that day was simply not today.   Other ways to scale include the modification of movements or reduction of weight being lifted.   Key is,  keeping with a consistent workout schedule and sticking to it.  The volume, weight, speed at which you execute will only improve over time.

Scaling is your friend!   Especially if you are just getting started.   Arrive a few minutes early to class if you have concerns or want to talk through specific scaling options with you coach.

Back to my friends comments about becoming a finisher:)  It’s a good challenge for me to push and this is the balance needed in my workouts.  Sometimes I scale too much.  Finding someone who knows yo well enough to know when to push you vs when to allow your scaled finish line to be the finish is key.  Find workout partners and coaches who support this, and who will support you in what you need to become your best self.

How the un-fit ‘fit’: What we believe is true

Weightloss has been a crazy journey.   I envy those who say “I’m going to lose 10lbs”.  Three weeks later they look amazing, and have hit their goal.   For some of us setting and hitting goals are not so easy.   They don’t just magically appear or happen like it does for some of my friends. Today, I am going to talk about what I believe… and how this is holding me back.

I’ve had a hard long look inside this week, asking myself what do I really believe about me.  What I realized in a short time, is that I truly believe I am suppose to be a large person.  Because much of my family are larger people.   What I believe is that is also the image I fit.   It’s taken a LONG time to peel back the onion on this.  And come face to face with what I really believe.

You see, I want to be healthier, smaller, more fit.  I often make decent efforts towards that.  But something keeps holding me back.  I’ve met with medical professionals.  They have solved the surface issues of imbalanced hormones, changing my eating habits, and developing regular exercise habits.   But in the end, I always give up on myself.   I quit.  Why?  Because I don’t honestly believe I should be healthier, smaller, or more fit.  I want it but I have not yet embraced it.  I do not yet believe that is me.

Several of my posts have talked about sticking with it, and keep re-starting.  I still believe in this.  And I also believe that I will soon turn the corner and allow myself to truly believe I deserve these things I am working towards.  It’s not easy.  It’s not simple.  It takes some soul searching.   A true fitness journey and change in life is not an overnight solution.  And its hard, but stick with it.

Remember all things are components of a successful journey…

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness/ activity level
  • Emotional
  • Mental

Right now, I am working the emotional and mental components.   Trying to find the inner me, and turn the key to truly believe in my end point.  I believe in my journey.   But the minute things start going well, I need to stick with it rather than running away from the fact, some good changes may actually start to happen.

You can do it too!   Believe in you!

How the un-fit ‘fit’- one more good choice

If I decided I wanted to run a marathon today, it would not happen.  Well it could happen it would just not be pretty.  Too often I shy from doing something because I am not in shape, or not ready for that.  What I have focused on, is making one more good choice today, over choices I made yesterday.   So I might not be able to run a marathon.  But I can get up from my desk and spare 15min to take a walk.  Tomorrow I may just take 2 of those 15min walks.

Being healthy is a lot about making healthy choices.  This morning I went to my CrossFit gym to workout.  It wasn’t pretty.  But it was better than the choice I made the day prior to hit the snooze button and not show up at all.   Oh and that donut I ate yesterday,  replaced by an apple today.

There are a lot of things in life that can bring us down.  But knowing I made one more choice today to make me healthy is me winning the battle.

As far as choices are concerned, there are several.  Taking the stairs today over the elevator.  Eating an apple over the cookies someone brought to the office.  These choices are often simple, small, and can compile over time to help or take away from our ultimate goal of being fit.

Make some healthy choices today!  And make some more tomorrow.  Each and everyone of those will contribute to your overall goals,  no matter how small they may seem.  Don’t worry about running the marathon today… just start walking!  Before you know it you will be on your way!