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How the un-fit ‘fit’: Defining you

So often, we beat ourselves up over an ideal that others or society puts on us.  We should be skinnier, we should be a perfect, we should be something else.  Anything else other than what we currently are?  Feel this way often? I do.   As a matter of fact most of the time I feel this way.

It’s a challenge to break it down and start to understand what is it I want for me.   Without allowing these ideas to pop in to my head of what others believe should be for me.   I want to be fit, but what does this mean to me?  Clothes to be comfortable, eat what I want when I want, have a more muscular tone?  You see there is no magic bullet to what is perfect or what is good.   Knowing what it is that you want and knowing what you are striving for is key.  Maybe it’s more important to you that you can lift 300lbs over your head,  no matter how toned your muscles are.

Our bodies and their response to nutrition, fitness, rest, are very different and individual.  That means no one solution works for everyone. As a matter of fact one solution only works for one person, and that is the person who is seeing success.   Others may take components of what works, but you will also need to modify and make adjustments that fit you as a person.   Bottom line, if it’s not working for you find something new else.

It will need to fit your lifestyle, your body type, your systems response, to put it simple it has to fit you.  Be bold this week, be daring.  Find your inner strength to focus on what success means to you and only you!  Take action to make that happen.