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How the un-fit ‘fit’: GOOD

It’s going to be difficult.  My response, GOOD.

The first section of this blog post will both sound and feel harsh, but stick with me until the end and you will see why.

Entering the gym for the first time is going to challenge your courage.  My response, GOOD.  It’s going to be difficult to drop the weight. My response, GOOD.  You are going to struggle and not want to come back sometimes.  To that I say, GOOD.  It is going to hurt.  You are going to experience physical soreness like never before. My response, GOOD. You are going to be mentally and emotionally challenged.  You will have to face things about yourself for a long time you have ignored.  You will not like it.  My response, GOOD.  You are going to have fear consume you. You will at times think “I can’t”.  You will whisper to yourself “I am not worth it”. Self talk will fill your head with “That won’t work for me”.  To all of this I say, GOOD. There will be workouts you believe you can not conquer.  There will be days you feel like not showing up.  My response, GOOD.  You will say to yourself “I don’t like the way I look”.  You will say “I don’t like the way I feel”.  To this I say, GOOD.  There will be times when it feels like all of this is too much to manage.  My response, GOOD.

** Success goes to those who respond to change**

We have mentioned that change is hard.  And on your fitness journey the behaviors and habits of how we eat and workout all must change.  At the root of this is how we think, feel, and respond. This drives how we act.  Do we put in the effort, or do we throw in the towel.  It sounds harsh to hear the response of “good”.  So why is it good?   All of our experiences positive or negative teach us something.  It is what we take from the experience and how we apply it that matters.   Tried losing weight 20 times before, and failed?  Good.  You know more than the person who is trying it for the first time.  You know what hasn’t worked.  You know you are RESILIENT!  Keep trying.  You have a proven track record of COURAGE, STRENGTH, and the RESILIENCE to find the way that works for you.

It’s hard to walk in the gym.  For the first time.  When you have had a bad day.  When you having been staring at the scale and not a pound has moved for several weeks.  When you have a planned PR attempt in your workout.  Why? FEAR.  We fear that what is facing us at that moment is going to result in failure.  Fear keeps you from being your best in the moment.  My response, GOOD. Once I know my fear, I can face my fear. Once I know my challenge I work to meet that challenge. By doing what it is that is facing me I become the best version of me in every moment I am faced with something.

It’s training.  You are training you to be your best you!   When something happens, you need only one word to move forward.  Tell yourself GOOD.  Seconds will become minutes, minutes will become hours,  hours will become days, and days will become years.  As challenging as those first seconds are, looking back you will realize it made all the difference and that you moved mountains by seeing every moment and saying to yourself, GOOD.

GOOD, you found a new way and a new reason to try.

GOOD, you became a better version of yourself, by accomplish what before you thought not possible.

GOOD, you rallied your inner courage and strength to beat it! To beat that one thing that stands in your way.

GOOD, you are on a path to become a new better you.  A better friend.  A better partner.  A better parent.  A better self.

GOOD, you found strength through adversity.

GOOD, you found courage through fear.

GOOD, you found you by doing!

Get out there and face this day.  Find the seconds that matter, and make the decision to dive in and make a change.  You are worth it!