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How the unfit ‘fit’: Food Jail, a lifestyle change

Hi everyone.  Sorry it’s been a few weeks since my last post.   Am I still in food jail?  YES.   Is it still working?  YES!  Like many of you life just got busy and so a few things had be tabled for a bit.  Now I’m back to catch you up.

What has it been like?  Now that I am in weeks 4-8 I’m finding its getting a lot easier!   All of the things that I’ve been practicing are now becoming more and more a part of my life.   How frequently to eat.  What is the proper portion size for me.  And what is the right mix of foods that fuel my body in a good way.  It’s become much more easy to stick on the plan, even through holiday’s and major events.   Below are a few tricks that have worked for me.

Dealing with either the holiday’s or special events is a challenge.   And let’s face it, life is short we should find the times to splurge. Here are  few things I’ve been doing to keep on track or not completely fall off the wagon.   My first trick has been to eat what’s right first.  For Thanksgiving this meant eating my portiens and veggies first,  then adding small portions of those things I enjoy most but don’t fit my regular plan.   This way I still get a small taste to satisfy me, while not making a huge impact on my plan.  Did i eat some pie? You bet I did:)   Mostly because my goal is lose weight, not become a figure competitor.  The choices you make still need to align with the goals you have set for yourself.  And I know splurging on a piece is not going to break the bank on my plan.  I just need to know how to deal with it.   This comes in a few ways.  Either I don’t lose as much that week, or I pick up an extra activity to shed that splurge off.

Speaking of activity level mine currently ranges between 0 and .5%  Meaning I’m doing to much to be active at the moment.   Why is that?   Well life for me.  Work is a little demanding and coupled with a leg injury working out is simply the first thing to go for me.  For some this may be a stress reliever.  For me the couch and binging on a good tv show is the stress reliever that works best. Am I still losing weight?   Not as much as I could with working out,  but YES it’s still coming off because I am being honest with my coach and we adjust the plan.  This is not a long term answer for me,  not being active.  But as of this moment it is what my life requires of me.   I’ll get back to it and see even more results.

Have you thought about joining food jail?  Have you already joined?  There is no better time to get started!  I know, I know Christmas is just around the corner.  It’s ok.  If you are looking for a change, this is one to consider.  It makes a difference.  I’ve seen the results in so many of my friends.  And I’m excited to continue seeing the results in myself!   If you are looking for results, get your journey started!