About Us - CrossFit Westerville

Our Philosophy

Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity in a communal environment.

CrossFit Westerville is a community that believes in core strength. Not just the physical core strength gained from GHD sit ups, Russian twists and hollow rocks (although we do those too), but the core and founding beliefs of CrossFit. We subscribe to the simple notion that fitness and health are achievable by anyone regardless of age, current health or physical challenges. 

We established CrossFit Westerville with a specific vision and mission;

“Providing members with the community, coaching and programming that empowers each athlete to achieve their peak performance.”

At CrossFit Westerville you will find a welcoming, supportive environment where you can reach your personal athletic and fitness potential. We do not strive to make everyone an elite competitor. We do not demand that each participant reach a threshold of performance that seems unattainable. We meet you where you are and we encourage you as you reach and ultimately exceed your own personal expectations. And you will exceed them. You will find yourself, 3 months from now saying “I had no idea I could do that” or “I would never have believed I could lift that”.

CrossFit Westerville is a “coach’s gym”. We have members that cover the entire spectrum of the CrossFit community – from elite competitors who have been on the ground in California at The Games, to the adaptive athlete overcoming physical obstacles, to the casual participant just seeking a channel for losing a few pounds, improving their general fitness or learning a new athletic skill. Regardless of the athlete, our goal every single day is to give each and every athlete the coaching and support they seek to meet their needs.

Above all, we are a gym defined by our belief and support for each other. And we’re humbled that you’ve chosen to be a member of CrossFit Westerville; a member of our community.

Now let’s get to it! 3…2…1…