Coaches - CrossFit Westerville

Amy Geiger
Amy Geiger, Head Trainer

I have been involved in CrossFit since July 2011. After being involved in sports and strength training for most of my life, I can honestly say, at 37, I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to CrossFit! I love the variety and efficiency of the workouts, but most of all I love to see the benefits of CrossFit transferred outside the gym in the form of greater mental and emotional strength and confidence! I became Level 1 Certified in 2014 and have been coaching at CrossFit Westerville since we opened. I lead the Elements curriculum for beginning CrossFit members and regularly coach our Friday Ladies Night.

My favorite aspect of coaching is being able to help people of all levels move better and gain confidence inside and outside the gym. Seeing our members achieve new Personal Records or accomplish something they never thought possible is one of the most fulfilling parts of my day!

Alex Whitsel
Alex Whitsel, Programmer

My CrossFit journey started in March of 2010 at the original Rogue Fitness located in Gahanna, Ohio. Shortly after, I developed a huge passion for CrossFit and a desire to help people of all ages and skill levels achieve their personal goals. I obtained my Level 1 certification in November of 2011 and began coaching. I believe that the CrossFit model of constantly varied, functional movement, done at high intensity, can and will have a positive impact on anyone who steps into CrossFit Westerville. My goal as a CrossFit coach is to provide the tools necessary that allows each individual the ability to succeed at reaching their ‘peak performance.’

I’m also extremely passionate about the ‘sport’ of CrossFit. Graham Holmberg, the 2010 CrossFit Games champion, and Brandon Couden coached and trained me to compete at the highest level in CrossFit. I’ve had the opportunity to compete with the most elite athletes in CrossFit at The 2011 & 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games as part of the Rogue Fitness affiliate team. I pride myself on dedication, hard work, and a passion for competition. Graham and Brandon instilled in me the work ethic I continue to have today. I live by the motto of… “You might not be the fastest, strongest, or most gifted athlete in the room, but you can be the hardest worker.”

Since the 2012 CrossFit Games, I have taken an interest in programming for not only competitor level athletes, but also for general fitness level athletes! I take great pride in my approach to writing programs that meet each individual’s needs.

Richard Bird
Richard Bird, Trainer

From and early age, Richard exhibited almost no athletic ability whatsoever. His father loves to share the story of watching Richard play in a basketball game in 8th grade where Richard turned to catch a pass only to have it bounce off his head. Richard participated in high school athletics only for socialization and went on to find his niche in the marching band.

Richard found athletics and the pursuit of athletics for the purpose of fitness and health late in life. In defiant response to a health scare, he started lifting weights after he turned 40, with little idea of what he was doing or getting himself into. To find a competitive outlet to keep him motivated for lifting he discovered the Scottish Highland Games and began competing as a Masters level thrower. Good friends encouraged him to take up CrossFit almost 4 years ago and Richard was hooked.

He has integrated his experiences in the Highland games with CrossFit. Often you’ll find him  introducing CrossFit Westerville team members to elements of strongman training such as grip strength, stone lifting and log lifting. Why? Because it is fun; and functional.

Richard is a passionate trainer and coach. He is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and is also engaged in study for his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification from NCSA. He loves to train all ages and levels of athletes in all forms of athletic fitness, but works hard to provide the tools, techniques and programming needed by the athlete over 40 years of age and those who have a specific interest in strength training.

Richard is gear reviewer for the Tabata Times and also documents his own fitness journey in his blog, CrossFitHobo.

Caitlin Trainer
Caitlin Trainer, Trainer

I am excited to be apart of CFW and to meet you all! I have been doing CrossFit for almost two years, but have been very passionate about helping others achieve their personal fitness goals for quite some time. I am an ACSM certified personal trainer and have been training clients for years.

When I discovered CrossFit, I was instantly hooked. During my journey to date, I have had the exciting opportunity to be a part of a team at the 2014 CrossFit Central East Regionals and have had a blast competing in multiple local competitions!

Personally, I have a Love-Hate relationship with CrossFit, and I expect that many of you will too!  I LOVE how it has brought back my inner competitiveness, which then snowballed into becoming stronger and healthier. The “Hate” part only comes in when I see burpees and thrusters in a WOD, but I do them anyway, and I am usually really glad that I did!

When I am not huffing and puffing my way through a WOD, I am personally training my clients and enjoying my photography side gig on the weekend. Again, I am excited to meet each and every one of you, and CHEERS to becoming a healthier you!

Chris Schell
Chris Schell, Trainer

I started in a typical weight room environment during college, after college my focus shifted to running, and eventually, triathlons. While I love triathlons, I felt there was a lack of strength work in my life. In early 2013, I tried CrossFit for the first time and like most, fell in love. The ability of the programming and community to increase strength, range of motion, and endurance along with pushing and being pushed by a great group of people had me hooked. I have never felt as overall fit and healthy as I do now.

In September, 2014 I obtained my L1 training certification so that I would be able to bring the training and community that I love to others. My goal is to have my classes work hard and play hard, the gym should be a place of fun and accomplishment!

I look forward to making a lot of new friends and helping you to achieve your fitness goals!

Nick Jamison
Nick Jamison, Olympic Lifting Coach

Throughout middle school and high school, I spent quite a bit of time in the weight room (way too much bench pressing, not enough squatting). Most of my workouts focused on preparing to play a sport, and then iIt finally dawned on me that I enjoyed the training and weightlifting far more than playing the sport.

After many years of traditional workouts and a few knee surgeries, I discovered CrossFit in 2009. I continued to follow the CrossFit main site and various affiliates’ programs until I finally joined an affiliate in 2011. By following CorssFit programming, I have strengthened my lower body and experience no knee issues.

My favorite parts of CrossFit are lifting heavy things from the ground and squatting (in all its wonderful forms). I enjoy Olympic weightlifting and I am USAW Level 1 certified. I will be teaching introductory Olympic weightlifting and helping out with classes during the evening. I am excited to be a part of the CFW family, and I look forward to helping members become the greatest versions of themselves!