Group Classes - CrossFit Westerville

What: CrossFit Westerville will offer group classes daily, led by our coaches.  Group classes are a unique hybrid of group fitness classes and personalized coaching and instruction.  Expect our coaches to be very active in class – correcting form, giving tips and encouraging you to keep working hard.  Classes will begin with instruction on the movements included in the workout and consist of a warm-up, skill and strength development sessions and the Workout of the Day (WOD).

You can expect constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity in all CFW classes.  What does this mean to you?  You’ll never be bored!  Each day a new challenge awaits you at the gym – different movements, skills, and workout types. It also means the fitness you gain at CFW will directly translate into the everyday demands of “real life”.  We mostly train compound muscle movements that closely mimic everyday tasks – need to pick your child up? Move a box to the top shelf? Re-arrange furniture? All of these tasks require coordination of multiple muscle groups working together.  You can expect to build strength for these everyday functional movements in class!  But what about intensity?  This is the “secret sauce” of our workouts!  Intensity is a catalyst for change in our bodies – you will get stronger, faster, leaner and generally more fit!  Better yet, you get all these benefits in an hour class that is very time-efficient for busy lives.

All movements in a Group Class are modifiable based upon an athlete’s skill level, so do not be intimidated by any movement you cannot yet do! CFW coaches can offer scaled options for every fitness level and will assist you in progressing to do the movements as prescribed.

Who:  Group Classes are for the most novice of athletes to CrossFit Games competitors, and everyone in between.  Being a part of class is a great way for every athlete of every level to become a part of the CrossFit Westerville community.  We do recommend athletes just beginning with CrossFit take the Elements Class before entering into the Group Classes to both learn the fundamental movements and for safety.