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How the un-fit ‘fit’; Food Jail D2

Here we are DAY 2.  Happy to report I did in fact make it through day 1 of food jail.  Over all I’ll admit it was not too bad. Had one moment of extreme hunger in the afternoon, but this morning I am feeling good.  I’m through my snack and waiting on lunch which is just around the corner.

Reflecting on my first day, if I had to write a letter to myself about this journey… it would sound something like this.

Dear Friend,

There will be things in this lifetime you won’t like. It will result in frustration or anger that often is mis-directed.  To change something you don’t like, it first will take you changing.   You see, there are few things within your span of control.  Both realizing and embracing the things you have the power to control will serve you far greater than the anger or frustration you project on others or the world around you.

Weight being an example.  You can be angry that society does not offer enough good options that are readily available.  You can blame friends, family, or others for the habits developed of indulging in poor choices and bad timing of consuming meals.  But it’s simply not true.  Habits are choices, that you allow to be influenced or consciously chose.   Either way, you alone have the power to modify all of these habits.  This will positively or negatively impact your health, your well being, your self image.

It will be hard.  You will have to admit to yourself you’ve done wrong.  You’ll have to admit defeat, that something failed along the way.  Find your failure,  embrace it, and move to the next phase of correcting it.   You will have to face yourself and accept you did this.  You got you here.  But by golly,  you certainly can get yourself out.

Dear Friend… you are not on this journey alone.  In this lifetime you will find things you won’t like.  Seek those things out and make the change.

Kind regards 🙂

Day 2- I’m feeling good.  Going to add a hot beverage of tea or coffee in following the afternoon snack in attempt to curb a little of the hungry feeling.   But today it feels like I can do this. Here is to a great day 2!

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  1. Suellen KElly | October 11, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    In my food jail, I can have a flavored lipton tea that is caffeinated. I like iced tea, so that helps. Also, it is unwise to come between me and my meal once my meal alarm goes off. Just a safety tip. 🙂 You can do it. If all else fails, go to bed.


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