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How the un-fit ‘fit’: Food Jail D4

Yesterday I had to fight hard, with me.  It was like my inner two year old self was throwing a tantrum and wanted the popsicle I wasn’t allowed to have.  A friend replied to a blog post stating we all have a special relationship with food in some way. This is so true!  I am seeing as part of my food jail journey it’s about understanding what that relationship is, and where it comes from. It’s a very personal journey.

As I’ve reached the midpoint of the first week, I realize my relationship with food is a bit like a two year old throwing a tantrum.  This is a dangerous combination being an adult and rationalizing with “I’m going to do that because its simply what I want”.   Yesterday, I wanted other food.  I wasn’t craving anything.  Well my body was not craving anything, psychologically I was craving something else because me stubborn inner self just ‘wanted to’.   It took a lot of self talk to get through ‘just wanting something because I can’.  This is something everyone in food jail should consider, build a tool kit to tackle those moments.

I’ll admit, it makes me mad right now.  Food posts on social media.  Others eating what they want around me.  Others eating during a window of time I can not.  Reading an article from Barbell Shrugged,  there was some great advice about removing temptations.  This makes me realize the food plan reaches well beyond just food prep, and timing my meals.   I’ve also got to avoid or find ways to cope with the temptations that exist around me.

Friends birthday party, work gathering, happy hour, weekends.  What we chose to do during this time contributes or detracts from our ability to stay the course.   I’ve found that avoidance in my first week of food jail is my best plan.   And finding things to occupy my time as I feel the need to stray from the path is also a good tool.   It seems silly, but yesterday I had to write myself a letter and remind me of why I am doing this.  The greater goal of losing weight, the short term goal of I don’t like me now.  Realizing these two things means habit changes are necessary if I am going be successful.  I’m not trying to change everything.  I’m only committing to food jail.  It’s within my control.

Maybe I sound like a crazy lady.  But as the days go on I’m realizing the need to have a lot of conversations with myself.  At this point convincing myself to stay the course.   Should you bump in to me, and I’m talking with no one around you will know why 🙂

Day 4 here I come! Food Jail!

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  1. Suellen Kelly | October 13, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    I lost my favorite drink at Starbucks. I have been trying to devise a replacement to give myself some satisfaction and reward. Also, you cannot eat when you are polishing your nails. then you are healthy with pretty fingernails. :). Hang tough.


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