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How the un-fit ‘fit’: Food Jail D5

It’s about your army and your support system.  It’s also about selecting the right coach for you.  Ever wonder why there are a million personal trainers out there?  Ever spend a lot of money on something or a program and it did not work?

Something different drives each of us.  For me it’s about being connected with people.  Period.  This is the heart of what drives me.  If someone is depending on me, it happens.  If someone needs something, it happens.  If someone wants something, I’m there.  Being connected to others is my way of operating in this world.  It is core to what motivates me.

For almost all my life no one needed me to be anything else.  Except when I was part of a team.  Luckily I played sports most of my life, and my teammates needed me to be healthy to be at my best performance.  So I did.  When that went away, my health fell to the wayside.  So now, selecting the RIGHT coach for ME, has been key to me making it through.  Someone I trust.  Someone who is willing to understand where I am.  Someone who is willing to connect with my journey.  I’m sharing this with you today, because finding a coach to help you through your journey may be a key element that helps you make it.

Your coach can be a friend, a partner, a professional, it can be anyone.  So let me tell you more about my coach.  I’ve partnered with Heather on this part of my journey for a few reasons.  She is like me,  in a way that she has been there and done that. See more about her story below.  I trust her.  She knows when to push me and when to be an ear and listen.  And she is encouraging in a way that I need to make sure I get through this process.  Find the right coach for you!   One way to get started is to reach out and start a dialogue.  Interview your coach like you would someone you bring in to work on your house.  This someone you are bringing in to do work on your body.  They’ve got to understand your journey and be willing to roll up their sleeves as will you to make the process successful!

About Heather…

I played volleyball, basketball, and softball in high school. After graduation, I moved to Chicago to pursue my passion of acting and working with kids. While in college, I gained a lot of weight and found myself standing on the scale at 265#. It took many years to get my eating and health under control, and about 10 years into gaining weight, I decided to reclaim my life. I have lost 125 pounds and found my inner athlete again. I joined a gym (as many do) and attended classes, hired a trainer, and saw the weight come off. I since then, found CrossFit, opened a gym with my business partner, and want to now help people in all aspects of being the best athlete and person possible. 

I have tried Paleo, Whole30, Atkins, and Zone. They all worked…kinda…but didn’t teach me what I really needed to know. What does my body need to function? It has taken me many months to realize what the body needs to work properly without losing what I have gained. And honestly, I’m not a professional, but I am a clear example- as are many other of my clients- that what I am doing DOES work. Portions-timing-quality of food-eating when you should be, have all been, and ARE key components. I don’t follow Macros, I don’t follow calories. I follow what FUELS the body the RIGHT way for me to have optimal body composition results. 

So what is YOUR goal? Mine was I wanted to be leaner because I was struggling at body weight movements. In order to do that, I looked at my plan and chose foods that I knew would best fuel my body to burn fat all day long. When I saw abs, quad muscles and clothes fitting better, my back squat # wasn’t that important to me- at that moment. So that’s why I ask what is your goal? Many it is weight loss, and my plan is a GREAT tool for meal planning, and taking the thought process off of you-which is difficult for many. 

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